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time for a tune-up?

After many years of running around beautiful, interesting (and some frankly bizarre) properties in the Aspen area, it became apparent to me that all this fine cabinetry out there was not being properly maintained, despite the simplicity of tuning it up and adjusting hardware for optimal performance and durability.  The fancy car in the garage was always detailed perfectly and loaded with fresh fluids, but the fancy cabinetry in the kitchen had sagging doors, rubbing drawer fronts, and a few sticking components.  

Here we were, installing all sorts of high tech adjustable hardware, leaving these beautiful projects with every component aligned properly, functioning smoothly, and looking great, but realizing that there was very little chance anyone would ever straighten things back out when things ultimately came out of adjustment.

As the number of remodels we worked on increased with the coming of the weak economy, I began offering a very affordable 'tune up' service to homeowners, adjusting and tuning their existing cabinetry back into optimal condition.  With a quick tune-up, cabinetry will look better, function better, and last longer.  Just like tuning up and detailing a car.

 It's time we treated our cabinetry with the same respect and reverence that we give the fine automobile in the garage!