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time for a tune-up?

After many years of running around beautiful, interesting (and some frankly bizarre) properties in the Aspen area, it became apparent to me that all this fine cabinetry out there was not being properly maintained, despite the simplicity of tuning it up and adjusting hardware for optimal performance and durability.  The fancy car in the garage was always detailed perfectly and loaded with fresh fluids, but the fancy cabinetry in the kitchen had sagging doors, rubbing drawer fronts, and a few sticking components.

shop safety

16 years in, and we've got a pretty good safety record here at PVW.  I did take a dive off of a work table once while changing the battery in a smoke alarm.  Safety first, right?  I ended up with a nice, neat row of stitches holding my lower lip together.
While I can say that I still have all ten fingers, I can't say that they are all the same length they were when I started out.  The tips are all original, but one finger is exactly a saw blade thickness shorter than it used to be...