Peach Valley Woodworks - Custom Cabinetry and Design
About Us

      Scott Doherty was raised in the woods of New England, and went on to receive a degree in history from Cornell University in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  After a few years in the countryside of upstate NY, Scott returned temporarily to the Boston area, and then moved south to Connecticut and marriage.
      Scott and Lisa Doherty moved west in 1996, and set up shop in the foothills of the Grand Hogback, on the northern fringe of Peach Valley.  Our shop is located in an historic building, surrounded by apple and peach trees, and shaded by stands of cottonwood trees.
   Along with the cabinet business and a videography business, we have two boys, one dog, sixteen years worth of friends, and a whole lot of sawdust. 


    Fine cabinetry  is always but one element in a larger design idea and construction effort.  To achieve desired results, it is necessary to look beyond one's own elements and process,  to keep an eye on the complete undertaking, and thereby ensure effective design integration.
   We have experience with all aspects of the construction process, allowing us to anticipate integration issues and ensure efficient and effective coordination with other subcontractors involved in the overall project.
   Our philosophy is that whatever is best for the client, the construction team,  and the overall project, is best for everyone involved.

5339 Peach Valley Rd.
New Castle, CO 81647

(970) 274-8227